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Eight of Ten businesses fail within the first two years. I don’t know about you, but that’s a terrifying statistic to me.  No one sets off into business with the intention of failing, but not everyone sets off with the clarity and direction of what the completed business looks like. We can fill our days with being ‘busy’ but what did we actually accomplish? What goals have you set for yourself? What steps are you taking every day to get you closer to those goals?

No matter which method of growing you choose, here are my favorite tips for achieving the coaching success.

  • Be Coachable, you may hear things that may make you uncomfortable. That’s a good thing. When you look for confirmation of what you are already doing, you aren’t looking to grow. Growth only comes when step just one foot outside of the comfort zone. I encourage you to open and coachable, and to be present to receive what you are learning. I’m here to ignite and inspire you to propel your business forward, but I can’t do it without you.

  • Be an entrepreneur – not a “want”repreneur. An entrepreneur is a professional problem solver. They are constantly using innovation and creativity to solve problems their clients never even knew they had. A want-repreneur is someone who works with an employee mindset. They believe that results will only come when you put in more hours than anyone else. If you find yourself in the want-repreneur category, don’t despair, there is hope.

  • Use fresh eyes. We look in the mirror everyday and don’t see the little changes. The same happens in our business. This is why a fresh set of eyes, is so important. Someone who doesn’t have a vested interest, can come in and see everything for the first time. They can evaluate each and every aspect through the eyes of a potential client.


One on one coaching is an opportunity to help you discover your blind spots. It allows you to deep dive into your business and the roadblocks or obstacles that need to be moved. Together through coaching you will do an analysis of what you’re currently doing well and what could be going even better. You will discover you limiting beliefs and how to keep them from getting in the way.


In our time together, you will uncover who your ideal client is. From the demographics to the psychographics and even the habits of your ideal client. We work together to determine what problem you solve for your ideal client, and how to leverage that into a thriving business.

We will work together to create a vision for the future of your business. Then we will work together to work it backwards, putting the goals and milestones in place so that you have a road map to achieve your desired success.




Group coaching is a great way to learn from others. Glenda will create an environment through group webinars and a private Facebook forum where you can get support for the struggles you face as an entrepreneur. In this group you will have access to current and past videos discussing the most pressing issues those in business face each day in their business. You will also receive an exclusive invite to our annual mastermind retreat filled with great hot seat discussions.  




Workshops are a great way to sink your teeth into the hard work. Glenda will walk you through the planners as we dive head first into creating plans that are easy to execute and allow you to be consistent with your marketing. These are in person events, and can be customized specifically to your organization.


Now is the time to invest not only in your business, but in yourself as well. Reserve your coaching package now.


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