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Fast Action Bonuses

If you're tired of Spraying and Praying your marketing, trying to attract as many new customers as possible, and not seeing the results you desire, then you will want to enroll in the Marketing Main Street Workshop


What you will learn:

  • How to build a deeper connection with your customers

  • How to articulate your Why and the What of your business

  • How to save money by knowing exactly where your ideal customer is hanging out, and therefore how to capture their attention

  • How to avoid common mistakes made by small business owners when marketing to the wrong audience

  • How to market in a way that your ideal customer can't miss

Plus you will learn how to define exactly 'who' your ideal customer is, how to understand them so completely that they never miss another message from you.



  • Enroll before Monday, December 9, and receive access to our 2020 VISION workshop ($295 value)


  • Enroll before 11:59 p.m. on December 5 and receive a free 1:1 45-minute strategy session with Glenda to better understand your business and to start working on creating a marketing plan for your business. This is a limited space and won't be offered again, so don't miss out.  


It's time to get your business ready for 2020 and beyond! 

IIf you're like most small business owners you don't have the marketing budget that the giants of industry have, so making the most of every dollar is key to success and survival. 

If you're ready to start growing your business, rather than just your expense lines with marketing that isn't giving you the return on investment that you desire, you need to enroll today. The workshop drops on Monday, December 9, so grab your spot before it's too late. 

The bonuses are going to disappear soon, so don't miss out.


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