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December 4

10 am MST

If you're tired of Spraying and Praying your marketing, trying to attract as many new customers as possible, and not seeing the results you desire, you won't want to miss this free Masterclass


What you will learn:

  • Why creating a deeper connection with a smaller group is more profitable than casting a wide shallow net

  • Why you want to focus on profitable customers rather than price-driven customers

  • How knowing “who” to market to will save you time and money in your marketing

  • How to avoid common mistakes made by small business owners when marketing to the wrong audience

  • Why creating FOMO has the biggest reach of all

Plus learn about some great success stories who have seen significant sales growth since getting specific on who they are attracting and how they've shifted their marketing to reflect the very specific customers that they want to attract. 


Who is perfect for this Masterclass? 

  • Business owners and managers who are responsible for sales growth or marketing

  • Bricks and Mortar, Small business, Family Businesses

  • Businesses trying to attract foot traffic through their front door

Who is this Masterclass is NOT for?

  • People who are looking for a get rich quick scheme 

  • Those who aren’t open to new ideas, or are stuck on repeating things as they’ve always been done


This Master Class is going to show you why you need to approach your marketing from a different perspective in order to be seen and heard in 2020 and beyond. 

IIf you're like most small business owners you don't have the marketing budget that the giants of industry have, so making the most of every dollar is key to success and survival. This Master Class will show you the difference between marketing to everyone and marketing to a specific customer. How knowing the difference will allow you to write your copy faster, with less mixed messages and confusion, all while reducing underproducing marketing expenses. 

Can't make it live? Not to worry, we will send you the replay within 24 hours so you won't miss out. You will need to be registered so that we can send you the replay. 

There is a limited number of live seats available, so grab yours before we are all filled up. 


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