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Before You Hire a Social Media Manager

Recently I had the pleasure of attending a great workshop. In it was a social media panel and when one of the panelists started speaking, my pen went crazy taking notes. I’m so excited to share these amazing tips with you. Alvaro Berrios of AB digital Marketing in Santa Clarita California shared these tips with the audience and gave me permission to share them with you.

4 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Social Media Manager

1: How long have you been running ads?

This will help you to gauge how much they should be charging

2: What Industry do you specialize in?

WORK WITH SPECIALISTS. There are so many options available to you, work with people who understand your industry. Who understands your audience.

3: How are they keeping up with the platform?

Platforms are continuously changing. The rules are constantly changing. If they aren’t keeping up - or if they don’t have an answer to these questions, that’s a big red flag.

4: Where do you see the platform going?

If you are working with a professional, it is always good to know that they are looking to the future. While no one has a crystal ball, it’s always good to know where they see the industry/platform headed.


You can’t do it all. No matter how many hours there are in a day, you simply can’t do it all. If it isn’t in your zone of genius, or you don’t want to do it - outsource it.

When hiring someone to outsource parts of your marketing, I say always ask:

How well do they know your business?

Better yet what kind of questions are they asking about your business and your ideal customer?

When you are interviewing someone (or agency) to take on your business it should be a conversation. They should be investigating to find out as much as possible. They should be asking about what customers you are trying to attract vs the one you are already attracting.

They should not start with what should be done without any background information. Even though they are the expert in this industry, YOU are the expert of YOUR business.

PRO TIP: Ask for references, you are going to be investing more than money in this transaction. Knowing they will be a quality asset for your business is crucial. You don't want to outsource to someone who isn't going to deliver the results.

One final red flag - anyone who suggests giving up real estate on your platforms by highlighting other businesses … don’t just walk away - run! This is a common ‘trick’ used by agencies that are trying to draw in new customers for their business rather than gaining new customers for yours.

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