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Episode 3: Done is Better than Perfect

Have you found yourself hitting the pause button or even the stop button on a project or activity that would otherwise move your business forward? If you have, don't worry, you're not alone. This, unfortunately, is the default setting of far too many entrepreneurs. I hear it all the time, "but it's not perfect" or "I just need to get this one piece right. The reality is nothing in life is perfect.

Have you ever heard the saying "done is better than perfect"? If not, you may want to permanently imprint it in on your mind. We tell ourselves (or anyone who questions us) I just need to do this one last little tweak, or it's not quite right - I need to add this. The question isn't what is it missing, but rather, what is it costing you to NOT get it done?

Here are 5 questions you need to ask yourself when you start getting that thought that it isn't quite perfect yet.

Is the “real” reason actually beyond your control? Or can you create a plan to get it done? Sometimes things are beyond our control. However, this is about being as completely honest with yourself as possible. Is there a way to get this accomplished? Or are you allowing obstacles to be in the way?

What emotion do you feel when thinking of the project? As I said with the last question, it’s all about being honest with yourself. If when you think of the project, do you get excited with anticipation and can’t stop working night and day on it, or does it cause you anxiety? Does it leave you with a feeling of overwhelm, trapped, or even a wave of fear?

Ask yourself what’s the worst thing that can happen if you were to put the project out as it is? No one is perfect. Nobody knows everything or does it all right the first time. Try putting it out there and then rinse, tweak and repeat. Put it out, see what works and then tweak and repeat.

Ask yourself what is it costing you by not putting it out there? If you are putting off doing something, that is costing you money. By not having the return back into your business, you are losing money every day that it isn’t a part of your business.

What is distracting you from finishing? Are you being distracted by incoming emails, clients in the store, constant phone ringing or the one that distracts most of us… Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and every other social media channel ever created.

In order to take the steps forward to accomplish our goals, we need to stop chasing the elusive perfect unicorn, and instead be satisfied with being done. No one has ever said you can never go back and change it or improve it later.

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