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Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Often when we are launching or re-launching a business, funds are tight. We look at ways to shave expenses and maximize our income. I am a huge supporter of tightening up the expenses, but there are some things that simply require an expense line.

There are many people who will tell you, you don’t need to hire anyone for things like web development or branding photoshoots. If your ideal client is a DIY’er, then maybe you don’t. I suspect however, your ideal client is most likely looking for a professional. Your website is where your clients research you to see what you are all about. It is possible that they will make up their mind about you before you even get a chance to speak with them. Years ago we used to talk about when you enter the room; you have just a split second to create the first impression. Today, most of those first impressions are now virtual. They look you up online. They judge you and make that decision whether or not to do business with you. Failing to have a professional website or properly cultivated social media will leave your potential clients underwhelmed.

So what can you do to up that impression?

First is to commit to doing everything with purpose. Stop just randomly posting on your social media simply because you haven’t done it in a while. Think the messaging through; are you creating an emotion that will connect you, your message and your potential client? Or are you simply “spraying and praying” with random thoughts and no clear message?

Second, hire the professionals! You are the best at what you do, because it’s what you do! Hire the professionals that are the best at what they do. In launching a brand new website, I researched several companies. I even erred (before I learned how to properly research) and gave money once to a company that destroyed my website. I have since learned to research so much deeper. I am so in love with my website! I get so excited to have everyone know where and how to find it. I spent way too long being terrified of people accidentally finding it.

I also committed to doing branding shoots twice per year. I hire an amazing photographer to come and shoot my pictures. They know exactly how to catch the light, when to zoom in or out, what is the best angle and more. I should mention there is no way that I wake up looking this way. A sensational stylist puts my hair into place and does my makeup like only a true artist could. The results (if I do say so myself) are incredible. Am I the size I want to be? Hell no!!! But will I let that stop my business? Hell No! But I did for a while ... a long while. I struggled in getting the content for my website built. It was easy to say that I was holding still because I didn’t have a good website and I didn’t do a lot on my social media for fear that they would find my website. The reality was I knew that in order to propel my speaking career forward, I needed to be front and center on the website. I have had my picture taken from time to time. None had ever spoken to me. The day I committed (and then backed out) and then re-committed to doing a branding shoot was a changing day. With the makeup artist, stylist and photographer booked I was officially committed. I agonized over what to wear, how it would look and would I feel okay? Well it was time to strap on my Spanx and go for it! I’m so very thankful that I did.

Third, be open to a new way of looking at things. Perhaps the client you want to attract and the client you are actually attracting are not the same. Maybe there is something missing in the messaging. If you’re struggling to connect the dots, then it’s time to reach out to a professional coach, who can help. Let them help you to find the true direction of business and the clients you are wishing to attract, and then review what you have been doing. Perhaps you absolutely love a name and story but it doesn’t resonate with the clientele you want to attract. It all has to work together. Marketing is only successful when you don’t require subtitles for others to understand what your message is. Your brand can and may change as you evolve as an entrepreneur. It took me a while with my travel host agency to define what I wanted the brand to say. I wanted it to represent strength, evolution, empowerment and inspiration - so what did I do? I agreed to let a designer give me a cartoon butterfly. If you don’t know what you want to say you will end up with a brand design that will leave you hiding from your clients, for fear that they will see what you did wrong. A cartoon butterfly kept me hiding from my clients for nearly a year, and that is simply no way to operate a business.

No one gets it 100% right, straight out of the gate, but taking a pause and thinking about these tips and implementing them into your strategies will help you to get your business pushed in the right direction, rather than sideways or downward.

So it’s time to take a look at your online presence, check it out and see if what you are looking at represents what you envision your brand to be at its fullest potential. If it doesn’t then we need to connect and get you started with one of our programs to move you forward.

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